Allegan Public Schools: Welcome to the heart of Allegan County!

Kevin Harness
Kevin Harness, Superintendent gro.spnagella@ssenrahk

The community of Allegan traces its roots back to the early 1800s. The school system began not long after that in 1845. From its humble beginnings in a one room school house, the goal of our school district has been to provide the best public education attainable to the citizens in this community.

Allegan Public Schools offer a broad educational program for all individuals residing within the district. The four elementary schools, middle school, high school, and alternative high school offer comprehensive curriculum and state-of-the-art technology, including computer devices for each student. A full range of extra-curricular activities is available as well, including offerings in athletics and the arts. Students can participate in team and individual sports, foreign language clubs and fine arts activities. The recent addition of a state-of-the-art performing arts center and aquatic center have expanded opportunities for our students even further. Our Allegan Adult Education program offers adult and alternative education, including GED testing and online learning opportunities. Recreational and enrichment experiences for youngsters as well as adults are also plentiful in Allegan.

At Allegan Public Schools, we have recently adopted a philosophy of teaching and learning that includes a multi-tiered intervention model (RTI) to ensure that all students have access to high levels of learning. Our curriculum is designed around this model and we are excited about the progress our students are making.

The employees and Board of Education of the Allegan Public Schools are proud of their school and hope that you will share in this pride and their dedication to public education in this community. Please become an active member in your local school’s APT, PTO, parent advisory group or booster club.

Your participation is welcomed! Help us as we “ensure high levels of learning” for all!


We are committed to the development of responsible citizens, productive workers, and life-long learners.


  • Approximate Value of Buildings and Equipment: $60,000,000
  • Number of Buildings: 7
  • Number of Teaching Staff (K-12): 153
  • Number of Non-Teaching Staff: 171
  • Number of Administrators: 15
  • Number of Elementary Pupils: 1,068
  • Number of Secondary Pupils: 1,500
  • District Map (PDF)