About Us

Allegan Alternative High School is 32 years old. It started as an offshoot of our Adult Education program. The original program had two teachers and met from noon until 4 PM. It started with 25 students. It now is a full-time high school that is accredited by the North Central Association. Its curriculum meets the Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements. In addition, students can attend our local Vocational Technical Education Center. We have four full-time teachers, one part-time teacher, and an academic coach that services students from Allegan and other area high schools.

Throughout the years, AAHS’s mission has remained constant: to give students another choice and another chance at completing their high school education.

Our graduates possess the academic, technical, social, and employability skills needed to attend college or other technical training schools or to enter the workforce.

Technology has become an increasingly critical tool to advance learning at AAHS. Every class utilizes an online learning management system including Moodle and Google Classroom. Technology allows us to expand the classroom experience beyond traditional time and space limits. It also allows students to access class materials from home. Teaching students to use technology effectively and to have it accessible to all students is essential in today’s “wired” world.

The key to AAHS’s success is its “family” atmosphere. Each student is known and valued. We work hard to attend to the needs of the “whole” student: mind, body, & spirit.


Can you earn a High School diploma?
Yes! Students who graduate from Allegan Alternative High School have successfully completed the Michigan Merit Curriculum and receive a diploma. Graduation requirements are outlined in the handbook. Our graduates move on to community college, technology and trade schools, the military, apprenticeships, and the work force.

What is a school day like?
The day operates much like a regular high school with six class periods that are just under an hour long. The difference is in the style of teaching (we use a hands-on learning style). Classes have a less formal, more family-like atmosphere. Core concepts are broken down into small sections, and a variety of teaching methods are used. A 30-minute “Eagle Hour” is used daily for remediation, work completion, and enrichment activities. Juniors and seniors are encouraged to attend the Allegan Tech Center. Technology is integrated in many areas and in a variety of ways.

Are you part of Allegan Public Schools?
Yes! We are lucky to be in a district that has two options for high school. Bus transportation is provided for all districts students. Hot lunch is available for all students.

Do you have a graduation ceremony?
Allegan Alternative High School has its own graduation ceremony complete with cap and gown for all Alternative students who have completed their graduation requirements.

How many students does your school have?
Allegan Alternative High School has approximately 100 students with 85% of them coming from the Allegan school district.

Why do students come here?
The common denominator for all students is that they have failed some classes in the traditional setting. The reasons a student has failed vary, however, some students choose to come for a smaller atmosphere that is less overwhelming. This school gives any student who walks through our doors “another choice and another chance” at being successful.

What happens to a student who isn’t successful here?
If a student is not successful during the day program, other class choices include Allegan Online or obtaining a GED through our Adult Education program.

Can a student return to Allegan High School?
If a student successfully completes classes and is recommended by the principal for good behavior and attendance, this is a possibility.

Do you offer sports or extra-curricular activities?
Sports teams include basketball, softball, and bowling. We have a quiz bowl team and other clubs on occasion. We also offer many in-school and out of school community service opportunities such as beautifying the Allegan Community Garden and hosting three Red Cross blood drives per year.

What do you mean by “Mind, Body, & Spirit”?
We believe is a holistic approach to education. We are proud to say we are a trauma-informed school and offer many resources to help our students feel balanced including a school therapist, a school Restorative Justice facilitator, a mindfulness group, music therapy workshops, access to the arts, field trips, community services projects, the “Eagle’s Nest” food pantry, and a growing list of community partners who support our program.