Tiger Softball

Last Friday the Tigers softball team lost both games to Edwardsburg. In game 1, Meg Manley and Jae McKee each scored a run on Cam Raders double to the outfield. Manley went 2 for 3, McKee 1 for 2 and Rader 1 for 3. Final score 19-2. Game 2 saw Madyson Groth the lone runner score. She went 1 for 2 while Jae McKee hit a double to the fence. Final Score 15-1.

Over the weekend, at the Kelloggsville Invite the Tigers lost 14-4 to Kent City and lost 20-7 to Kelloggsville. Cam Rader and Meg Manley each had a homerun. A first for Manley.

Last night the Tigers split with Lawton, winning the first game 4-3. Cam Rader with a double and an RBI in the game. Rader and Clark both scored. Meg Manley crossed the plate in the bottom of 7th inning to break the tie and score the winning run from 3rd. The Tigers couldnt get the bats rolling in the second game, losing 15-1. Manley scored the lone run.

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