Tiger Bowlers wrap up Regular Season at Conference Tournament

The Girls entered the day in a three way tie for 4th place.
Match 1 was best 3 out 5 against Plainwell Allegan dropped the first two games to Plainwell then came back to win the next two evening the match game 5 came down to the last frame Plainwell pulled out the win putting Allegan in the losers bracket.
Match 2 was a total pin count of tree games against Three Rivers. Allegan dominated winning 417 to 314 for the three game total
Match 3 was facing South Haven again being a total pin count for 3 games. Allegan fell behind after game 1 123 to 148, The girls determined not to lose came back with their best game of the tournament 164. They took a 25 pin deficit to a 19 pin lead. Game three was a lot of the same as Theresa Tice Haylee Thompson and Brooklyn reed put up three strikes in a row and Allegan never looked back, final score 443 for Allegan 402 for South Haven. Allegan finished 5th in the tournament and 6th overall in the Wolverine Conference finals.
Allegan Boys entered the day in 2nd place.
Match 1 was best 3 of 5 against South Haven it was a back and forth match. Allegan in game five finally distance themselves and won the first match 3-2. Their high game for the tournament came against South Haven with a 209.
Match 2 again best of 3 of 5 was against Three Rivers. Allegan struggled to pick up some spares and some unfortunate breaks Three Rivers took the match 3 game to 1.
Match 3 the boys needed to win to have a chance to finish the season #2 in the conference yet. Game 1 the boys came out determined to hold their position in the standings winning 193 to 135. Game 2 PawPaw prevailed in a close match 176 to 171. Game 3 both teams struggled with the breakdown and PawPaw to a 2 games to 1 lead with a 138 to 134 win. Game 4 Allegan regrouped and took it to PawPaw 162 to 113. Game 5 winner take all was close as both teams struck 9th and 10th frames, Allegan had just a little extra in the tank as the pulled out the game 177 to 166. The boys finished 3rd for the tournament and 2nd overall in the Wolverine Conference.
Girls Lost to Plainwell match 1
Won Match 2 vs Three Rivers
Won Match 3 vs South Haven
Finished 5th in conference Tournament
Team high game 164
Boys Won match 1 vs South Hven
Lost match 2 vs Three Rivers
Won Match 3 vs PawPaw
Finished 3rd in Conference Tournament
Team high game 209
All-Conference bowlers the top 8 bowlers made first team and the next 8 second team.
First Team
Fletcher Beilfuss #2 .
Gunner Evans #6
Haylee Thompson #6
Second Team
Layton Brown #11
Coach Don Lamb named boys bowling Wolverine Conference Coach of the Year
Coach Tonia Lamb named girls bowling Wolverine Conference Co-Coach of the Year
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