Tiger Boys Bowling Wins the SLM Bowling Conference

Allegan Boys 18 vs Brandywine 12. Allegan boys looking to clinch the southern lake Michigan high school bowling conference with a win started out game one on a mission. The boys were led by Fletcher Beilfuss 207 and Anthony Barnes 195 took game one easily 856 to 761. Game two the boys clinched the match and title with Fletcher and Anthony again leading the way as both shot 203, Allegan winning 897 to 787. Allegan dropped both baker games 144 to 136 and 167 to 159. The win raised the boys record in the southern lake Michigan high school bowling conference 7-0.
Allegan Girls defeated South Haven 26 to 4. Game one Haylee Thompson led the lady tigers with a 136 game and Kelsey Clark 124 as Allegan won 579 to 442. Game two Haylee again was high with a 143 and Cambria Rader 135, Allegan won 620 to 394. Baker games Allegan took both games 122 to 97 and 142 to 73. The Victory raised the girls record to 5-2 in the southern lake Michigan high school bowling conference.
Match two
Allegan Varsity defeated the Allegan JV team 28-2. Allegan Varsity led by Jacob Wesche 201 and James Page 190, Allegan won a very close game one 900 to 853. Game two Anthony Barnes led the team with a 189 and James added a 188 as the Boys won 881 to 688. Baker games Allegan Varsity swept 204 to 165 and 161 to 150. The JV team put up scores today that could of beat most of the other varsity teams today I was extremely proud of both group of boys. The victory gave the Varsity team a undefeated season in the southern lake Michigan high school bowling conference finishing 8-0 and 13-1 overall.
Allegan Girls bowled their best games of the season against Brandywine but it wasn’t enough as Brandywine won 26 to 4. The final score didn’t reflect how close each game really was. Game one Theresa Tice led the lady tigers with a 163 game and Haylee Thompson 145, Brandywine won the game 782 to 724. Game two Cambria Rader bowled her personal best 194 and Kelsey Clark added a 157, The girls fell just short losing 707 to 724. Both Baker games went Brandywine’s way as the won 145 to 130 and 102 to 101. Loss dropped the Girls to 5-3 and 7-7 overall.
The next match is Monday as Allegan hosts Plainwell to complete the Wolverine Conference regular season schedule.
Allegan Boys 18 vs Brandywine 12
Fletcher Beilfuss 207
Anthony Barnes 203
Layton Brown 225
Allegan Girls 26 vs South Haven 4
Haylee Thompson 143
Cambria Rader 135
Allegan Varsity Boys 28 vs Allegan JV 2
Jacob Wesche 201
James Page 190
Allegan Girls 4 vs Brandywine 26
Cambria Rader 194
Theresa Tice 163
Kelsey Clark 157
Allegan Boys finish 8-0 and win the Southern Lake Michigan High School Bowling Conference!
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