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Snow Day Update

During the last two weeks, there has been a variety of weather conditions that has made it unsafe for our students and staff to travel to and from school.  We understand that snow days can be a hardship for families in terms of childcare and other family responsibilities.  Your flexibility and patience during this lengthy stretch of snow days are truly appreciated.

As of today, Monday, February 4, school has been canceled ten times due to weather and road conditions.  The state allows up to six days that can be automatically “forgiven” due to circumstances outside the control of school authorities such weather conditions, fire, health conditions, infrastructure failures, etc.  School districts are allowed to request that the State Superintendent of Schools grant up to three additional “forgiven days” when school has been canceled for similar reasons.  Allegan Public Schools has submitted a request for the three additional days.  IF our request is granted, presently we will need to reschedule one of the days that school has been canceled due to weather.  The three additional forgiven days are not automatic or guaranteed.  We will communicate with our families and staff as soon as we are informed of the status of our request.

Here is hoping for better weather, and a thumbs up on our request!

Again, thank you, everyone, for your understanding!

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