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Tiger Bowlers Split with Otsego

Allegan Boys started off on the right foot in the Wolverine conference against Otsego. Game one Allegan was led by freshman Layton Brown’s 203 game, Anthony Barnes added a 175 game as Allegan won 828 to 702. Game two Gunner Evans bowled a 231 and Fletcher Beilfuss added a 188 game as Allegan won 842 to 606. Game one of the bakers Allegan threw strikes the first 4 frames and finished with a great 242 game to Otsego’s 143. Game two was closer with Allegan squeaking by 142 to 134. Final score Allegan 29 Otsego 1. Allegan is now 1-0 in the Wolverine and 3-0 overall.
Allegan Girls showed great heart in the match against Otsego. Game one went Otsego’s way as the won 677 to 613, Allegan girls were led By Haylee Thompson’s 143 and Theresa Tice’s 142. Game two the girls struggled but continued to try up to the end, losing 535 to 609, Haylee had a 127¬†game and Cambria Rader 109. Bakers Otsego took both games, 135 to 81, and 123 to 107. Allegan girls dropped to 1-2 overall and 0-1 in the Wolverine conference.
Allegan Boys 29 vs Otsego 1
Gunner Evans  231
Layton Brown 203
Fletcher Beilfuss 188
Allegan Girls 3 vs Otsego 27
Jacqualine Conroy 150
Haylee Thomspon 143
Theresa Tice 142
Next Match is Wednesday December 12th at 4pm at Sunset Lanes in Allegan.
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