Principal’s Message - North Ward Elementary

A Great Start!

We are well into the school year. It is amazing how time flies when we are having fun! This is my 6th year as the principal at North Ward. I have to say, this is the best year yet! I am amazed on a regular basis by the community and parental support, the dedicated and hard-working staff and the effort and hard work of the students. They are already making great academic and behavioral growth.

One of our main focuses this year is to teach and instill lifelong healthy habits and social-emotional skills though Steven Covey’s Seven Habits for Healthy People. We are going about this in many ways, but a couple new approaches we are implementing this year are STAR Leadership Family Groups and a weekly Health and Wellness class with a focus on social-emotional learning. Students are also planning monthly assemblies to teach the 7 Habits. They are doing a fantastic job presenting the habits in creative ways.

What are STAR Leadership Family Groups? Well, we decided to get all hands on deck for this one. All the students in the building have been divided into small multi-age groups. Every teacher, IA, ancillary staff and the principal has a group they meet with on a monthly basis. The groups focus on building relationships within their family group, the 7 Habits, and problem-solving issues that occur throughout the building, class or playground. In November we will be talking about friendships and we will have a slice of pie with our family groups. The reaction of the students has been amazingly positive. They are enjoying being leaders, learners and building relationships with students at every grade level.

The weekly Health and Wellness class is a specials class designed for K-5th graders. The lessons incorporate stories, life experiences, team building, and an activity. A couple of the topics students have learned so far this year is about friendship and good sportsmanship.

I’m looking forward to the remainder of the year being a successful learning adventure! Please remember my door is always open if you have questions or concerns. We also welcome volunteers to help with various activities and academic support. Contact the office to find out how you can help.

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