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Butterflies–and Students–Spread Their Wings

On the first day of the school, one of our West Ward families donated several caterpillars in an effort to educate students of the process caterpillars go through in order to turn into butterflies.

The students were so enthralled, and let’s face it–so were all of the adults! Everyone found the process so interesting that it was not uncommon to see several staff and students gathered around the display and discussing the changes that they had observed.

The first butterfly produced a memorable moment and tons of excitement throughout our school community. Students who first spotted the butterflies were able to release them in the afternoons following. The pure awe and joy that these transformations brought to our community was astounding! Similar to┬áR. Buckminster Fuller’s quote, “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly,” our students are full of potential, and we look forward to continuing to help them spread their wings.

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