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Tiger Tennis Wins 7-1 Vs. Grant

1.  Karlton Zerlaut (G) def. Tyler Aldrich   6-2, 6-4
2.  Kody Harrington (A) def. Carter Chase   6-3, 6-2
3.  Tim Lyon (A) def. Dominick Brock   6-2, 2-6, 10-6
4.  Jack Nahikian (A) def. Ben Dubbink   6-1, 6-2
1.  Zach Sisson-Zach Lang (A) def. Dustin Slachter-Jed VanderWeide   6-0, 6-1
2.  Lukas Vlietstra-Korbin Sisson (A) def. Diego Krepps-Payton Swinehart   6-0, 6-0
3.  Owen Clearwater-Walker Michaels (A) def. Jake Krueger-Trent Patton   6-1, 6-1
4.  Vance Muenzer-Ben Groth (A) def. Kyle Bay-Ryan Hether   6-0, 6-1
This was a good match for us as we move into the second half of our season.  Grant is a good D4 team that plays a number of D4 teams in the north.
Our doubles teams continue to play more and more aggressively in controlling the net and in reducing unforced errors.  They are beginning to play doubles the way it should be played.
The singles are gaining more confidence in their skills and decision-making.  They did a nice job competing today.
Our next match is Monday at South Haven.
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