Principal’s Message - Allegan High School

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

It is hard to believe that school starts here shortly!

We have remodeled the main office relocating both the attendance and athletic offices for more convenience for both students and parents fr both safety and convenience.  The attendance office is now located in the main office area.  When entering the building, parents, students, and visitors will need to use the buzzer system during the school day.  The buzzer system will allow us to monitor who is entering out building.  Parents picking up or dropping off their student will find it far more convenient to do so with the new check in/out window located by the main entrance doors.  Mrs. Lang will be there to assist you with checking your student in or out without parents having to walk through the building.  Parents dropping off small items such as lunches, money, keys, etc. will also find this new system more convenient. Parents dropping off larger items such as book bags, athletic equipment, etc., you will be directed to the main office where Mrs. Fales will assist you.

We ask ALL VISITORS to stop into the main office and register.  Once registered, you will receive a badge to wear that will allow students, staff, and administration to recognize that you have been authorized to enter the building.  Visitors just stopping in the main office and not entering the hallways to classrooms or other offices will not need a pass.

The athletic office is now located in the former attendance office.  This allows both the athletic director and athletic secretary to assist students and parents during the school day in a more efficient manner.  The athletic office is usually open from 10:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. on school days.  Visitors to the athletic office may need a pass depending on the purpose of their visit.  Please check into the main office before going to the athletic office.

The cafeteria and serving areas, and band room also have received much needed attention this summer!  We believe students will enjoy these spaces with new flooring and a sharper look!  The serving area has been totally renovated and looks amazing!

We are running special schedules on Tuesday (Sept. 4th) and Wednesday (Sept. 5th).  We will be running special homerooms both days with device distribution each day, and Picture Day on Wednesday (Sept. 5th).  Therefore, AM Tech Center and Early College will stay on campus those days.  PM Tech Center and Early College will go on those days with an abbreviated schedule.  Thursday (Sept. 6th) will be a normal school day with no TigerVention that day.  Friday (Sept. 7th) is an Early Release Day.  PM Tech Center and Early College must provide their own transportation to and from the Tech Center on Early Release Days.

Let’s have a great year, and go Tigers!

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