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Summer Soccer Schedule of Events

Summer Soccer Schedule

Join the Men and Women of Allegan Varsity Soccer this summer as they train and build their skills for next year’s soccer season!

Soccer Training and Conditioning

Join Coach Rogers on Tuesday mornings at 8:00am on the Middle School soccer fields for soccer-specific agility, endurance, speed, and team workouts.  Tuesday, June 12th is the first morning!

Pick Up Soccer Games

Join Coach Rogers, Peters, and Schmidt on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm on the Middle School soccer fields for weekly scrimmages that are open to the entire community. Wednesday, June 13th will be the first. Bring friends!

Strength Training

Building strength is crucial for athletic performance.  It helps prevent injuries, promotes faster recovery, and boosts overall performance.  The summer weight room will run two separate sessions, one Tues, Wed, and Thu from 8:00 to 9:00am, and a second from 9:00 to 10:00am.

These are great opportunities to prepare you for upcoming seasons by staying in shape, getting to know your teammates, and having some fun!

For any further information, please contact Men’s Varsity Coach Aaron Rogers

Email:  gro.spnagella@sregornoraa Phone:  616.477.1581

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