Principal's Message - L.E. White Middle School

Recess Expectations, School Incident Reporting, and More

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Hey, Everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend and are feeling ready to go for the week ahead.

I wanted to give you some quick reminders, share with you a change in our recess expectations, as well as a new way to complete incident reports.

The weather is FINALLY getting warmer–it’s about time, right?! With this, I want to remind you of the dress code–here’s what our handbook has to say about it:

  • Clothes must conceal undergarments at all times.
  • See-through, sheer, lace, fishnet, over-sized holes or openings, halter or strapless tops, off-the-shoulder, spaghetti straps, low cut tops, and bare midriffs are prohibited.
  • Short shorts, short skirts, short dresses or pants that do not properly cover skin or have holes in inappropriate areas are prohibited.

Please keep what I just said in mind as you get ready for school in the morning–it might even be better to prepare your outfits the night before!

Earlier in the year, it was made very clear that personal belongings should not be left in the hallways because they create a safety hazard. Not only that, leaving binders and books on the benches and floors also makes our school seem cluttered. Let’s make sure that we are showing pride in our surroundings–when not with you, your belongings must be in your lockers!

RECESS! Starting tomorrow, there will be new limitations when outside. You will only be allowed on the blacktop, and the far soccer field. The drive to the fieldhouse, the fieldhouse and its perimeter, as well as the “official” soccer field are off limits. There are a couple of reasons for this change: We want to protect the soccer field grass so that it’s in pristine shape for our soccer players, and there were some irresponsible behaviors taking place that caused us to rethink some of the freedoms that you have.

8th graders: 8th grade escape is quickly approaching. This fun day at Camp Beechpoint is June 1st and is the final celebration of your middle school career. The goal is for all of you to be together one last time before going off to the high school. You need to be aware that any significant discipline problem from now until 8th grade escape could mean that you will not be allowed to attend this special day. So please keep this in mind and make good choices.

Another important thing is our awesome new website–it has a new look and some great new features thanks to Mr. Patin. You’re used to clicking on the “Incident Report” button on our old web page. Now, you are still able to access the form but it looks a little bit different–after going to the L.E. White Middle School page, you will now look for the “Report a School Safety Concern”. It’s a black tab on the right of the web page, about half way down.

Last but not least, starting this week, we will be doing a camera challenge! I will be watching cameras to catch you being the great TIGERS that we know you are. We want to catch you doing something good–multiple TIGER tickets are up for grab with this challenge.

Have a FANTASTIC week. See you around!

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