Principal’s Message - North Ward Elementary

Finish Strong

Our students are learning about “Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw” throughout the months of April and May. Strengthening the four key dimensions of life–your brain, body, heart, and soul–are important in order to do your personal best. Playing outside, going for a walk with your family, challenging yourself, reading a non-fiction book, exercising, yoga, meditating, volunteering your time to help others, playing games, and spending time with family and friends are ways students and families can sharpen the saw. Balance is key!

We take pride in setting high expectations for student behavior. There will be a new reward at the end of the year for students who do not get a minor or major office referral from April 9 through June 1. Students who follow the STAR expectations and don’t get any referrals will get to go swimming at the Allegan Aquatic Center.

We have many assessments and events planned for the end of the year. Please encourage your child to do his or her personal best on all the upcoming assessments so we can get a true picture of what he or she has learned. Please check the calendar on the website, the school newsletter, and your teacher’s weekly newsletter for the many fun events that are planned.

Let’s finish strong! Sleep, study, work hard, and have fun learning!


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