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Pine Trails Students Get “Reading Buddies”

As part of Pine Trails’ Reading Buddies program, our teachers pair older and younger students together to read aloud to each other regularly. This benefits both students’ reading and listening skills. This fun program also increases their vocabulary, develops their social skills, and helps enhance their love of books.

Mrs. Kornoely and Mrs. Mead’s Kindergarten classes visit Ms. Hoving’s 2nd grade classroom each day for 20 minutes. Nine Kindergartners visit each day during their intervention time. This totals 100 minutes per week, per student!

Ms. Wildeboer’s 3rd/4th grade split class reads to Ms. Baker’s 1st grade class once a month, alternating between each other’s classrooms. This is a whole class activity, lasting an hour each visit.

Staff member Ms. Williams reads with Ms. Koens’s kids two times a week for about 25 minutes each time. Also, Ms. Koen’s mom, Jo, comes to read with students Mondays and Fridays, spending most of Monday volunteering in the classroom. The students love the individual attention that each person gives them. The ladies are also very happy to give our students that extra boost they need to become better readers!

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