High School Diploma



Students earn credit towards an Allegan Public Schools High School Diploma.

27.5 Credits are needed to graduate with your class:  All requirements plus 11 credits of electives.

The Michigan Merit H.S. Diploma (18 credits) is available for students whose class has graduated:  All requirements plus two additional credits in careers, personal finance and other electives, unless Class of 2016 and after - then 2 Credits of Foreign Language.

Allegan Michigan Merit Diploma (MI Graduation Requirements) - 18 credits.  Required of  students graduating with class of 2011 and beyond:

4 English

4 Math - 1 Algebra, 1 Geometry, 1 Algebra II, 1 additional including 1 in Senior year

3 Science - 1 Biology, 1 Chemistry of Physics, 1 Elective

3 Social Studies - 1 World History, 1 US History, .5 Economics, .5 Government

2 Foreign Language (Class of 2016 and beyond)

1 Fine Arts or Technical

1 Physical Wellness and Health

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*2 credits must be earned through the Allegan Public Schools; 1 credit the year of graduation